Minilogue Scripts

Create your own script or copy a dialogue from your favorite TV show. Or choose a script from below. Remember to set-the scene and role before you start. Look slightly off camera like you are talking to the person next to the camera and start. 5 Female scripts followed by 5 Male scripts.

Gender: Female

Scene #1: A Date – in a Sitcom genre


Premise: A young woman on an informal first date at a cafe; the date is going very badly but she is doing her best to stay very polite. .

Scene Script


Yes, you can have the rest of my sandwich.

I’m not sure if the bread is very fresh,

but maybe that’s just me.

I like that you chose this place for our first date.

It’s cute, and so inexpensive.

It’s amazing what five dollars will get you here.

Frugality is a rare trait.

Gender: Female


Scene #2: Lawyers Office - Soap Opera
Upper-class Woman in a Soap Opera genre.  



Socialite telling her ex-husband’s lawyers that she’ll sue him for every penny/destroy him. .


As his lawyer, you can tell him he can drag

my name through the mud as much as he wants.

By the time we’re done with this divorce,

he’ll wish he never met me.

I will make it my life’s purpose to destroy him

by taking every penny, property, and business he owns.

Gender: Female


Scene #3: Mother in a Medical Drama genre.


A young mother, in her pain and anger, blames the doctors and medical staff for her daughter’s severe brain damage and full paralysis as the result of a car accident.


Full paralysis and brain damage? And if she can’t speak,

how am I supposed to care for her, Doctor?

How am I supposed to give her what she needs? (beat)

This is your fault. I trusted you and your team to fix my

daughter after her accident, not ruin our lives

Gender: Female


Scene #4: Lawyer in a Legal Drama genre 



Compassionate lawyer appealing to a jury about her client, a woman who has been wrongfully accused of killing her child. Strong evidence has just been presented that proves her client is completely innocent.


The evidence clearly proves my client,

a loving, dedicated mother, did not murder

her five month-old son. James Corvan, her neighbor,

a man with two prior convictions, was apprehended

and confessed to suffocating the child in its crib.

Finally Mrs. Parks can grieve for her loss.

Gender: Male


Scene #5: Best Friend in a Sitcom genre



Friend trying to console his friend over a break up


Okay that’s it! No more talking about Ginger!

All I hear is Ginger this and Ginger that.

We’re going to find a way to get you over the break-up hump.

That’s the middle part after a break-up where

all you want to do is--you know--hump. (beat)

Go forth, young Scott!.

Gender: Male


Scene #6: College Student in a Dramatic Serial genre 



College student feels he’s not good enough for his dad.


You know what’s great about college, Dad?

The freedom. I don’t have to do anything unless I want to.

The real world’s heavy. Bills, a boss, a boatload of responsibilities.

I’m taking my sweet time figuring out my life.

If that’s not good enough for you, then it sucks to be you.

Gender: Male


Scene #7: 




Gender: Male   - More scripts coming soon


Scene #8: 




Gender: Child - Coming soon


Scene #9: