Filling out your profile

Please understand that the more information you provide the higher chance of being viewed and hired.

Missing information such as "Full Name" "Casting-video", "Primary language" and "Location" will give you a very low chance of being hired.

Important Points to Remember - ALL

  1. "Username"  - becomes your personal profile name.

  2. Video 1 - To create a Casting Video - Use your mobile phone. Hold in the horizontal position and make a 30 second selfie video. State your name, age, location and a little about yourself. It's simple and more than triples your chance of being hired. )especially for speaking roles).

  3. Video 2 - You will find the "Casting Video" text-box down the profile-form after "Related Links".

  4. Video 3 - Upload your video to your YouTube channel. Mark it "Public" if you want others to see it. "Unlisted" if you want it private. Then post the link in your YouTube link in the profile-form.

  5. Name - Add your Full Name in the "Full Name" text box as this appears on your Profile Arena page (head-shots page).

  6. Location - You must add your location (City and/or Country) as this is a global database.

  7. Fees - Suggest you write negotiable (so not always getting your lowest rate)

  8. Languages - Important and you should also add your accent. e.g. "American English", "Indian English" etc. Add secondary languages as well and fluency level

  9. Skills - These can significantly increase your chance of being hired. Swimming, sports, music, etc. These might all be items required for a commercial video or film.

  10. Photos - Try to look different in each photo. Wear different outfits to suit different character parts. e.g. Business-Suit, casual wear, swim wear, evening -wear  You  can use film posters to add more photos.


  11. Sample Voice - It goes without saying - No sample. No work. Upload your voice sample. Click "SAVE" or it will not appear on your profile

  12. Voice Types - Give as many different voice samples as possible for different types of jobs, characters or accents.

  13. Photo - You photo is important - it gives you credibility.

  14. Location - You must put your location as this is a global database.

  15. Studio - If you have a home studio. Say so. Same if you have a local studio that is well priced and you like to work with.

    Good Luck everyone.