Creating your own Casting Demo Video

Using just your own phone

This is the talent-base format. There are many other styles of casting video and you can use any other style but if you need a starting point, this is a good start.

Your video should comprise 2 parts.
+ Introduction -For all videos. Talk a little about yourself and how to contact you. What types of roles you want. e.g. acting, speaking extra, non speaking extra, music video dancers, pretty-girl etc.

+ Minilogue - Add a monologue if you want to be or are a serious actor only. These are speaking and acting roles.

Watch the video below to show you how to set up your phone, lighting and background ad then select a Minilouge (optional) to add to your video after you have introduced yourself. Remember to introduce the scene and role you are going to perform before starting your Minilogue

I would like to thank those whose content we are showing below.

+ Max Henderson - How to make a casting video

+ Create Your Reel, Hollywood - Select your Minilogue

Creating your Casting Demo Video

View Minilogue Samples

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