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Shayne Leon Van Vlerken

CEO. Talentbase.club

Talentbase.club is the missing link to your dream.

Hi there. For the last ten years we have been operating a Film Production Company. We provide full film services for local and foreign film companies including Permits, Crewing & Equipment. Locations & Casting services plus all logistics.  We are a Thailand Film Board licensed International Film Coordinator and we work with film companies from around the world. We have 3 film studios, the largest you can drive a semi truck onto the set.

My background however is in software development and what I have learned is that the business-processes of making films and videos has hardly changed in the last 20 years in regards to technology. Sure lots of new equipment but how Producers find locations, cast and film crew. This has not changed.

I have also managed our own Casting Agency and this is where I decided to start. Casting agents take up to 30% of the talent's fee in Asia. Less in Western countries, But there they pay much more. And it is always time consuming for the Producer. We want to make Producers & Casting Agents jobs easier and much quicker. - go figure...

Talentbase.club gives ownership of talent profiles back to the talent. No Fees.  -  Its 100% free. Furthermore you can add a significant amount of data, images, videos, voice-recording etc. to present yourself to Casting Directors & Producers.

Talentbase.club is also free to all "Talent-Seekers". No limitations. This is a free global talent directory for everyone.

What's Coming

We are just getting started. We will open all 6 talent categories shortly and then we will start adding features to improve the site functionality and the next item we are focused on is creating a good site search.

Of course a lot more is coming and we welcome your feedback. Please share any feedback and ideas on our facebook page.

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